Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 Fiat abarth coupe Auto Express Review

Abarth Coupe, as the British magazine Auto Express car calls, it uses the same front engine, front-wheel bases as the Fiat 500, but he uses a targa-top roadster body very sexy. Previous rumors of a Coupe Abarth was riding down Italy in a modified Lotus Elise platform, but it seems that cost sharing led Abarth parties adhere to the platform 500 to throw earlier.

But do not let the lack of RWD fool you, because if the sources are on the EI fund and FWD Abarth Coupe should be a real scam Snort on a machine. An alloy body keeps weight low and give the Cup to make the most of 101kW and 180Nm of torque, while the torque distribution channel e-diff just the right amount of power to each front wheel when cornering.

Those looking for more grit might be interested to know that better "version, they have 118kW and 230Nm-They may also have the cards. Both engines are likely to be based on the Abarth 500 is a 1.4-liter turbocharged unit.