Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 Grand Livina Automatic

Grand Livina peeing in 2010, this automatic transmission uses electronic controls, quiet, sweet, Automatic Power Drive, but strong, with all aluminum engines with a new MR18DE CVTC.


1.8-liter MR18DE

1.6-liter HR16DE

5-speed manual transmission

4-speed automatic transmission

Overdrive switch

electronically controlled fuel injection

The control electronics and fuel injection, Drive-by-wire system delivers exceptional torque and smooth acceleration, while fuel consumption and noise.

Compact and lightweight, four-cylinder engine, the new all-aluminum engine is the successor technology HQ Drive-by-wire to increase the efficiency of air intake and torque at all speeds.

Nissan Grand Livina, a hatchback that will attract more than a few admirers. With good looks are not deceiving, this charming MPV appear immediately on the road. Your personality and passion for the ride comfortable and energetic. This is a minivan that will surely leave an impression.

The Grand Livina MPV is easily adapted to your needs. Back and forth with confidence knowing that this van has space for transporting goods from temporary jobs has the ability to meet the seven at any time. Creation of a minivan that has gained worldwide recognition and admiration.