Thursday, April 21, 2011

2011 Nissan Leaf New Review

2011-Nissan Leaf is a foretaste of what is to come. It's not pretty, it's not cheap to buy but it is a purely electric drive emits nothing. He did not even have a tail pipe. This is the first car to electric propulsion makes realistic sense. Despite only a range of 100 miles, it is a vehicle for sustainable consumption with long-term appeal.
Leaf has lost the mother would love. The lines are smooth, rounded body, but I'm not big on curb appeal. It offers the opportunity to start to stand out in a while, which is nice. This is the size of a standard size car, outside and there are a lot of heads and legs, even for senior officer. I would rate on par with the Golf, at least for size.

Inside Leaf looks like any other car. It has many buttons and gadgets and playing with a button-like drive in the control medium. Our version has the screen, navigation, iPod connectivity and USB and climate control. The problem is that they all said "power drain" to us and we were almost afraid to use them, they are shorter range. Overall, the interior is light and airy, which comfortably seats four adults.

How is your trip? Ten miles? Twenty? Perhaps to drive 30 miles in a normal working day: back and forth to work, out to dinner, do a few things on the way home. This is a typical attempt to typical American commuter. In fact, if you look at typical mileage driven by more people in this country, handles about 12,000 miles a year. Divided by 365 and you have 33 miles a day. Although times 15000 km a year, you're still only going 41 miles per day. Then why did you ask if we are obsessed with the mileage? As the driving range is the first thing people want to know when you mention the new Nissan Leaf.

Not with an engine note is disturbing at first. Despite the fact that there is a distinct lack of wind noise, without a background hum of the engine. Although we can not endorse this for longer distances for the obvious reason the area is ideal for the town of Leaf. Smooth and powerful engine makes short work of a box in a city. We sat there for air-conditioned comfort to mount the LED light with minimal effort at all.

Leaf engine is fully electronic. This is a permanent magnet electric motor produces 107 hp and motorcycles. The expected range of 100 km between charges, which is why this is not a long-range cruiser. Payment is required 19 hours of 120-volt source, or 7 240-192-cell battery provides a steady stream, but woe to drive the gadgets go all the time.

Leaf base SV costs $ 33.600, excluding a $ 7,500 tax credit the federal government. SL is an additional $ 940, which adds a few toys as automatic headlights and a solar panel to recharge the battery. So it's not cheap to buy, even with the tax credit.

Tell someone you recently led the leaf, count silently to three, and be prepared to ask: "Oh, 'bout 70 or 80 miles" ... So far he go on a full charge ? "normal driving," you reply. "And where will you charge?" "In my garage at night when I sleep." Then comes the question: "You mean you just put it in the wall?" And you say, "Well, you the plug on the wall. But the wall to a special charger that is installed by a licensed electrician contract to your Nissan dealer. " At this point, the conversation in a predictable turn: "How much" as you say. "Depends on where you live, how old your house and how much of a tax advantage of your offer local government and some states cover most costs "Naturally, the next question is inevitable:" And how long is take to recharge? And you tell them eight hours with a decent 220 (3.3 kW) charger.