Sunday, April 17, 2011

2013 Audi A9 Sport

disappointing, it turns out, it's a very nice car to drive, it turns out it Porsche four-door sedan anyway. Porsche and VW parent who has sunk a ton of money into developing the platform that aims to amortize the cost a bit more and looking for ways to expand to other lines within the VW family.

Lamborghini Estoque are shown in the past, and if they decide to go ahead, this is the beginning of it is built. Bentley is a bit 'vague, which may be the Flying Spur is a "sport" four-door. Perhaps this could be down to the Flying Spur on the market a bit.

The first seems to be the Audi A9 which is scheduled for calendar 2013. Although we exercise staging, indications of what the real car will look out. If we had to guess whether it would be to A8, A7 which is the A6, but it is mostly conjecture at this point.