Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ferrari Enzo Sports

Ferrari Enzo TrackIf you’re dying to drive one of the most impressive sports cars in the 2000s, a Ferrari Enzo Car Rental in Las Vegas may be just the thing for you. The Enzo was one of the first Ferrari cars to nestle the new generation V12, 6.0 liter mid-engine, and it was created specifically to commemorate the Ferrari’s success in Formula One racing.

Ferrari’s new drop-top incorporates a number of important technical features which give hints of the auto’s F1 pedigree, beginning with the inventive electronic differential ( E-diff ) – first developed by the racing division for the Scuderia’s all-conquering F1 cars – which improves traction and roadholding under all conditions. The Spider also includes the steering wheel-mounted rotary switch, known to the Scuderia’s drivers as the ‘manettino’, which allows the car’s set-up to be altered simply and fast.

Aside from the prowess of the Ferrari Enzo’s engine, it also enjoys the prestige of carrying the founder’s name. First launched in the Paris Motor Show in 2002, only 400 units of the Enzo was produces and distributed globally.

Yellow Ferrari Enzo

The 400th Ferrari Enzo was auctioned off in 2004 to benefit the survivors of the hurricane Katrina disaster. Take note that in the same year, the Ferrari Enzo was dubbed the number 1 sports car manufactured in the first half of the new millennium.

The Ferrari Enzo is available in semi-automatic “clutchless” transmission. Although there were some criticisms about the model’s abrupt shifting, this shouldn’t be a bother if you’re driving off the race track. The Enzo’s powerful engine makes for a stable and smooth city driving around the brightly lit strip of Vegas.

The Enzo can go as fast as 227 mph, which means that it would be very tempting to go beyond the legal speed in the US highways. It’s also pretty perfect as a trophy car to ride around-in while you’re in Vegas. The Enzo’s chisel-cut exterior formed the basis of Ferrari’s most recent models, including the Maserati Birdcage.