Sunday, April 17, 2011

full injection mustang

Evidence of direct injection is the framework to be adopted in the New York auto show. The figure indicates that the blocks of peat or location allows easy integration into a new fuel supply. It should be a typical manifold injection fuel injection directly to the cylinder wall to give more power and more effective. Sounds like a shoe big meeting, because Ford has already shown that they can get 26 + mpg in a new 400-horsepower 5.0-engine

At this stage, it is of course just speculation, and the captured image is only a show car, not directly to the engine down to 5.0. Who can say that this is a bump in the peat or the cast of a real engine 5.0? Personally, I'm holding off hard evidence, not speculation, no matter how attractive any time. Maybe he was afraid he was going to the Ford Mustang Chevy, so he rushed to the already powerful 5.0.

2014, 50 years and the Mustang, which indicates a good time to pull out another impressive update. But who really wants to wait that bit longer 'efficiency and extra power when you can be a force, which is already 2011 Mustang GT now?