Monday, April 18, 2011

Lamborghini Murcielago Review

The latest development is the study of refinement Murciélago - Lamborghini took literally the best show, best handling and most beautiful car ever produced, and made even more powerful, better handling, and more beautiful.

The LP640 Roadster is a vicious cycle that their parents - the monstrous V12 now 640hp fire pumps and a 8500rpm red line. 00-60 time has been reduced to about 3.3 seconds blinking eyes. The interior is covered from head to foot carbon fiber accents and carbon ceramic brakes ensure that the massive braking power is in line with PTO (and 640hp is enough.)

Our bat is fully charged from the factory, including:

E-Gear Tiptronic transmission (clutch is operated automatically)

Gorgeous Pearl White paint outside

An interior covered with black leather and carbon fiber

Ceramic mass of carbon (RCC) brakes

In-Dash GPS w / iPod Integration Stereo

Xenon (HID) headlights

And our warning still applies: This car makes everything else in the way of being boring, and their exotic appearance not only turn heads - it stops traffic (so be careful!)

As with all our vehicles, delivery of your rental throughout the tri-state area (New York / New York, Long Island and the Hamptons, New Jersey / New Jersey / Connecticut / CT) in Maryland, Delaware and the Northeast (including New York / Philadelphia, PA, and almost everywhere, from Boston to Washington, DC).