Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Toyota Altis Review

The 2011 model Toyota Altis is a bit advanced 2010 model. The price is slightly higher than the price of a 2010 model. Recently, Toyota has announced pricing information for various versions of Toyota. However, the automaker did not disclose the details of 2011 Toyota Altis. It is expected that the price of this vehicle is a considerable difference in the price of a 2010 model. It is expected that the 5-speed manual basic versions will be $ 15,450, which is the lowest among all models of Toyota. The model of four-speed automatic transmission will cost $ 16,250, 4-speed $ 16,850 to LE, XLE and 4-speed automatic 4-speed with a price of $ 17,750.

The Corolla's origins 40 years ago. The new model is the 10 th generation of a car that exceeds all others around the world. According to Toyota, more than 30 million were produced. Corollas have been based on the model of reputation, strong resale value, good build quality and heritage. Toyota unveiled the first round in 1966 and then a Corolla, the industry sold over 30 million Corolla Altis globally.With, Toyota wants to live by the conventional image of the Corolla. Toyota expects the new 10 th generation model will also be of interest to the growing number of buyers of small cars, like the good things in the car, like an elegant style. Toyota has worked hard on the new gearbox six-speed clutch with the support structure of a new clutch plate to improve durability and reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH levels).

Corolla CNG to be launched in 2010 - perhaps the 2010 Auto Expo

Toyota plans to launch the Corolla Altis in NGC 2010. After CNG model Innova, Altis is the next Toyota plant that is equipped with a CNG kit. Altis has been well accepted by customers in India and is expected to increase CNG variant of the appeal and demand for Altis in the Indian market. GNC Altis will be the same in terms of engine design and mechanics of other things, that change will be a sticker as Innova CNG CNG little weight gain than expected because the CNG tank. A more detailed photographs and the exact price of Altis after the official launch. Watch this space ... ..

Limited Edition Corolla Altis Sport

Toyota Corolla Altis India had also launched Sport Limited Edition. Toyota only produces 100 cars for three months. Limited Edition Corolla Altis received a rear spoiler, side skirts around, alloy wheels sport chrome grille. Corolla Altis Sport Limited Edition is available in two exciting colors - silver metallic gray. The interiors have been changes in the modern two-tone fabric and wood finish behind the cupholders. Rest of the virtues Corolla Altis remained the same, with luxurious interiors and lots of equipment level. Now, with all the accessories is a Limited Edition Toyota Corolla is available in dealerships. Corolla Altis Limited Edition is priced at Rs. 11.35 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi)

Design and Style

Similar to the Camry, the new Altis features elegant style and sharp. At 4,540 mm long, 1760 mm wide and 1470 mm high, the Altis is 10mm longer, 60mm wider and 20 mm lower than the current model. The wheelbase is unchanged at 2600 mm, but the wider track and lower center of gravity.

The extra width has improved cabin space, and although slightly lower, the Altis is still 50mm higher than the Honda Civic. Former Toyota had been limited to 1,700 mm width Corolla to avoid a higher tax in Japan, which led to a great attitude awkward and ungainly looking to the current model. The integration of the hood in the body of the car is clearly visible. Fender awesomely coincides with hood. Projectors cluster add creativity to the design.

Toyota Altis main features:

* Large and the bottom line of characters before.

* A distinctive exterior flow lining.

* Side mirror with turn indicator.

* Super electronic control transmission (ECT).

* Front and rear parking sensors.

* Plush, soft interior lining.

* Auto climate controlled air conditioning.

* Fully integrated audio system.

* Tilt & telescopic steering control with switch control.

* 8-way power front seats.

Interiors & Comfort

Altis feels spacious. The floor in the back is virtually flat, the passenger seat so half will have less reason to complain. And also get the seat belt 3 points. The boot is also spacious, and thanks to the use of a torsion beam rear suspension, wheel intrusion into the boot are kept to a minimum. The steering wheel is similar to that of the Camry, with four branches, and includes audio controls. Looking through it, the mark is very clear. It has a large number of self-enlightenment around speedometer conventional radial size and small screens counter.Two rev-LCD are integrated, one in each row.

To the right is a level meter with trip function cons, while the left tells you if a door is closed, and very well implemented in real-time indicator of fuel consumption. These two screens, backlit in orange, and are also very clear and easy to read. The functions are selected with a rod of small button next to each screen.

Ride and handling

Corolla Altis is excellent for softening the blows, but the ride quality comes at the expense of driver intervention. The new model has changed all that, thanks to brand new suspension, and a new electric steering system. A mainstay of newly developed L-arm MacPherson strut is a compact and rigid, so the amount of on board the wheel hub to improve noise and vibration suppression. This design improves straight line stability and responsiveness of management.

Rear torsion beam suspension in order to have a new device that is popular because it helps increase boot space. Separated from the suspension layout with coil springs and shock absorbers, while the wider track luggage. The new electronic power steering (EPS) offers a high degree of control. In addition, the EPS system affects fuel economy, because it uses only when the driving force assistance is needed, and why does not require hydraulic fluid, it is also more environmentally friendly than conventional power steering systems.


Toyota engines have been leading in terms of sophistication and effectiveness of the final, which should continue the use of new engines with dual VVT-i in the new model. The Altis has the same 1.8-liter VVT-i of an existing Corolla model, adjusted ECU and fuel injection system, compliance with emissions and greater fuel efficiency.

The engines with dual VVT-i Toyota to change the camshaft a little further, allowing the variation camshaft intake and exhaust independent of time using a system of electro-change each hydraulic camshaft. Toyota says the new material face clutch has been designed with the environment in mind.

Safety Features

Toyota has boosted the anti-competition and for the first time, Altis is equipped with ABS with Brake Assist and Electronic Brake force braking for optimum stopping power in emergencies. It is a feature that should be standard on all new cars with electronic stability control. Altis has five-star Euro NCAP ratings and come with security features such as EBD, ABS, traction control, Brake Assist and multiple airbags.

Last Words

Corolla Altis is a practical and not at risk of luxury compact sedan. It 's always reliable and inexpensive to use. good fuel economy is not the style to good effect and a list of options offers buyers a lot to choose from. Toyota has done it again. Altis is a good car. This is a good value for money on the Thai market where very few cars on offer. Operating costs are low and fuel economy is good.

In summary, the 2008 Corolla Altis is perfect for those who find the Camry too big. You can not go wrong with the Corolla, the car, built on Toyota's reputation for reliability, high quality and high resale value. Corolla is the most popular car in history more than 40 million units sold worldwide. It may not be as exciting or as sporty as some of its competitors in the compact sedan market, but will give you many years of comfort, smooth driving experience.