Sunday, May 8, 2011

hummer limousine

Lobsters are one of those limo for when nothing else to do but the exotic. Pull the Hummer H2 and you're sure to turn heads and become the center of attention. If you need to attend Prom Night, a bachelor party, bachelorette party or just have a night and you have to do it in style, look no further. This exotic hummer limo you come and go, while strengthening your personality as a person who deserves VIP treatment. With a completely free state and an entertainment system of art that includes multiple flat screen televisions and DVD player, you're sure to party began well before reaching your destination. Hummer, Hummer, Hummer Limo, Hummer Stretch Hummer limo, Hummer limousine, stretch hummer.

Hummer Limo Service

Hummer H2 is the hottest limousine hire within the SUV category. This limousine will attract great attention than any other car to throw down the road. Hummer H2 can accommodate 20 passengers and is the perfect limo for Bachelor / Bachelorette, weddings, dances, night, cities and sporting events. Common features of H2 Neon Lights / Fiber Optic Lights / Laser Show / stereo w / CD / DVD / 7 flat screen televisions Wet Bar

Original SUV is being developed by UP Army and called it the Humvee or Hummer. It is designed to withstand rugged terrain and an environment of real war. Within a hard, loud, much less fuel, but it served its purpose well. However, later, a newer model or Hummer2 H2 has been developed which is more comfortable, more spacious and SUVs. There you go. Keeping produce as the growing demand of the party for visitors to stretch limousine and made the exotic and elegant. They range in length from a normal super-stretch limousine. The engine is the same Humvee equipped with a V8 extra bits of decor, amazing sound system, LCD, and a smoke machine.

Numbers mean nothing

More spacious Hummer limousine can take place through NYC hummer limousine rental service can be up to 36 meters long, can accommodate 24 people. It's called super stretch. You can simply compress the whole class goes to the prom or a party. Smaller groups of 8-12 passengers Hummer limousine are also available.