Thursday, June 2, 2011

2011 Mazda 6 Wagon Review

Appeal exterior design combined with a spacious and functional interior design is a gift from the Mazda 6 strengths. Mazda new family face is introduced by the updated model for a strong sporty appearance that has made the quality of sound construction. Inside, some changes inside the cabin even more constrained. There are new decorative surfaces, new materials for aircraft wheel and steering, new upholstery and color combinations.


lunettes new fog are presented, which is considerable, and following. These frames lunettes "inner eye" consists of round fog lights inside the lower eyelid ING strong sophistication. In addition, newly designed headlights, new grille and winged logo at the top is black Mazda in all grades and sports in body color grade. Deeply etched character lines running from the grate between the fenders and hood complete the sporty Mazda 6 forward ever.

The patterns are repeated in the front wing of the rear combination lamps with chrome trim new wings that make the lights appear larger and seem even smaller in the side panels. The lamps themselves are a combination of clear lenses and lights. Mazda 6 is cosmetic surgery and article sleek new 17 - and magazines in 18-inch models, turn slightly to a very athletic, a three-dimensional. This not only improves the silhouette with one aspect, also a pound lighter than the wheels of the previous model.

Customers can choose from 10 body colors of a facelift, including two completely new color in the Mazda line-up - clean water, Blue Metallic, Midnight Bronze Mica - and two that are new to the Mazda 6 line-up - Graphite Mica and Black Mica.

Interior Design

Facelift interior has been further improved the material is of better quality feel. These include, inter alia, details of new chrome, piano black paneling and chrome was recently added to the knobs and switches that passengers use on a daily basis - and play audio and air conditioning, parking brake lever and the interior door handles. The new plan introduces black-panel audio and air conditioning, central console of the structure around the gate and turn the panel, where the steering wheel.

There is also the new surface finish on all panels - fancy matt lacquer and silver for the standard model, and a silver finish, unleashed in full-gloss look for the model year sport. End of the interior are updated patterns Line facelift in the new seat upholstery, and newly available in brown leather for those seeking a quality feel.

Grade Sports

At the top of the range, the Mazda 6 offers a facelift model year to date Sports - for all body styles - which is ideal for those who want even more dynamic expression. Unique features include the year sporting a symbol of the largest chain in the front grille with color fender moldings extendingsideways, anewheadlampdesignthatholdsthenewswivel-typeadaptivefrontlightingsystem, sidelights as a kite, the silver coating for cosmetic surgery new fog lamp glasses, combination taillights are clear inner lenses and LEDs. Inside, customers get a shiny, silver hairline, high gloss finish on all panels of meters of the decor and the ban on metal rings look of sportiness and refinement. A special leather upholstery in either black or brown leather or half black leather, is available. Lots of fabric on the seats are leather mid-vertical model that creates a neat and sports.

Spacious and functional

Like its predecessor, the new Mazda 6 facelift spacious and functional. He has a wealth of small storage room and a broad and flexible floor console between the front seats. Add to a new storage room near his seat. Ash, the cup was replaced by a fairly large area for small objects such as cards and keyless entry and starting system controller. In addition, the holder newly fitted sunglasses just behind the rearview mirror. Karakuri rear seat feature is still on board that automatically fold 60/40 rear seats down by pulling a latch in the trunk side panel trim (sedan and wagon) and there is a Karakuri tonneau cover that automatically moves up and down with tailgate trailer. This covers only the installation of a net, while opening that separates the passenger compartment and trunk and helps prevent cold air / heat entering the cabin during loading / unloading of luggage space.

Mazda 6 is one of the widest boot openings (1,066 mm for the car) and one of the widest boot floors in its segment (1146 mm). Boot volume with all seats in place, is between 510 liters (sedan) and 519 liters (wagon / sedan), which is large enough for luggage for five adults. And Mazda 6 sedan and station wagon can carry even more if it becomes necessary. With the rear seats folded, wagon and sedan with a length of floor load of 1,926 and 1,879 mm and a load volume of 1702 liters and 1751 (floor to ceiling).

Comfortable for

Quiet and comfortable cottage greets passengers Mazda 6 facelift. Inheriting a large sound-absorbing material, optimized for columns, the mirror forms a narrow door and wind noise low. The original structure tailored vocal floor panel must also be kept in conjunction with the instrument panel and reinforcement of the roof, drive wheels and a dynamic damper front suspension arms and upper back of the fingers - the sound of the low road.

For the facelift of the 2.2-liter diesel engine noise that can occur during cold start is reduced. The measures taken here include revision of the scheme and the timing of fuel injection pressure, revision control of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and using the glow plugs to aid combustion.

Human-Machine Interface is now easier to use

Facelift Model has been updated recently developed the Human Machine Interface (HMI), means that it is now easier to use. instrumentation driver numbers are higher and the temperature gauge is no longer driving the cluster, but at the center of the display, in which a passenger can read it.

A new steering wheel switches have been revised to be more intuitive only one function / switch. The new Info button, for example, the driver can effectively monitor the fuel consumption by browsing the information system for the driver (DIS) for fast, play the following information:

power consumption

Average fuel consumption

Driving range is the remaining fuel

Average vehicle speed

Mazda 6, the Bluetooth hands-free cell phone has been improved by easier and more convenient, and now the music audio input wireless portable music players.

Upper Drive and Ride

Mazda 6 superior combination of a lively engine caught, the "one-on-the-car" quality of handling and driving makes it unique in this segment. Once this starting point, the beginning of engineers made a number of significant changes to the steering and suspension systems to improve the lift car to drive and ride quality. facelift was also developed based on the Mazda light strategy to benefit both the dynamics and fuel efficiency.

Improved straight line stability and less vibration

suspension components for facelift Mazda 6 was introduced to ensure better handling stability in general, a branch of a larger and less vibration. High forest double wishbone front suspension adds a new front stabilizer bushes with a low spring constant. These observations provide further when the wheel is on and contribute to the better straight line stability. The multilink rear suspension has a new center of the mounting bolts that are more rigid than before, which helps make the rear more stable during flight operations. The engineers have also introduced a new location for housing through the bushes to the rear axle. Now placed further inland, thus increasing stability during braking back through and help better resist vibration.

Superior ride quality

In addition to these elements of the suspension of new engineers have also re-tuned suspension of the Mazda 6 facelift to give an even more high quality without compromising on handling acclaimed Mazda 6. They gave Bush the front leg and perimeter frame mounted lower spring constant, leaning into the cavity in the rear swing arm bushes front shock absorbers and rear back for less than hardness of the vertical input, and revised caps hump of the rear axle and butterfly bushes. These changes reduce the vertical vibration in the cabin of 4 and 9 Hz frequency range and the horizontal vibration of 10 to 14 Hz frequency range, resulting in a smoother, more comfortable ride.