Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2012 Mercedes SLK350 Review

2012 SLK-Class combines premium comfort and high-quality hardware especially sports. At the same time, the new roadster in its class is the leader of the largest segment of fuel combined with safety. All-weather driving pleasure - open or closed, on weekends or business trips - have been built in the genes of the SLK. 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK350 will be on sale in the United States in June 2011.

Dr. Thomas Weber, member of the Executive Council responsible for the research group responsible for the development, Mercedes-Benz Cars: "With the SLK, we offer a wide range of technical options to provide customers a personal choice among them is a row of unique innovations .. In addition, SLK is an excellent example of how impressive performance, comfort and elegant high levels of the environment can go hand in hand. In 125 years of history of the car, we have never experienced such great leaps in efficiency. lower fuel consumption and even more fun to drive -. a formula that we will certainly translate into reality SLK "

Excellent on all fronts

The best, or nothing - this motto is at the heart of the philosophy of the Mercedes-Benz, and also the theme for the new SLK. Since the early roadster was designed to offer superior performance in all areas, and Mercedes-Benz engineers have carefully compiled this requirement in practice is the attributes that give SLK roadster with a leading position in its segment. Among them are extremely compact dimensions combined with a generous interior with many convenient features. Excellent performance and sporty handling characteristics are also more important for the new SLK. The new SLK is also the safest roadster with its unparalleled range of security features.

Dr. Joachim Schmidt, director of sales and marketing of Mercedes-Benz: "deeply rooted in the genes of the SLK is exciting driving pleasure at any time, open or closed for the day of recreation or behavioral-day, combines the sound.. sporty character with exceptional comfort and high quality appointments The new SLK also sets new standards in compact roadsters where fuel economy and environmental compatibility refers to a lot of exceptional quality and technical innovations once closer to the reference category. - And indeed, a success for our brand. The SLK is a sports car with character, and everybody wants it. "

Smooth, athletic and elegant

Designers are tailor-made life a new SLK Roadster classic proportions. Behind the long hood is a compact cabin and short rear overhang - key words that characterize all the classic roadster Mercedes-Benz.

Professor Gorden Wagener, Head of Design Mercedes-Benz Cars: "still popular SLK roadster, Mercedes-Benz tradition, and exciting to take in the future design language emphasizes the vibrant, athletic presence, and even sculpture that expresses the personality and sensuality The same goes for the interior. ... high quality materials, carefully designed details and very alone, mainly characterized by the end of a very sporting atmosphere. "

Striking front

The first striking feature is a vertical grid which carries the new look Mercedes-Benz. The grid highlights the long hood and well proportioned and light with its outline suggests remedial already dramatic qualities roadster. The wide grille bears Mercedes-Benz star in a conspicuous place and shows the central hills spoiler chrome on the front. The lighting complete the look clearly defined face of the new SLK is similar to the legendary 190SL of the 1950s, is regarded by many as the original "SLK". However, designers do not focus only on the past, before the end of the new SLK, they also deliberately created a strong visual connection with the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG "Gullwing" and the new CLS-Class.

The result of this stunning, meticulously detailed work is that despite the more surprising, more rigid front and larger frontal area, the value of Cd was reduced to only 0.30 - a brilliant achievement (the value of the previous model was Cd 0.32).

Dramatic lines

Timeless, classic shape of the profile page is a classic roadster is the proportion of 'aesthetics of the highest caliber, and a visual guide to the sportiness and driving pleasure of the vehicle. End data indicate a concern that has made Mercedes-Benz designers. For example, compression joint, which covers the body, so that the page limit does not care because it is generally similar roof designs. Ventilation grille in the front fenders, and chrome fin similar to the famous roadster Mercedes-Benz in 1950. The new SLK, have a good starting point for a line function, which calculates the muscles rear fender, light and shade adds beauty and timeless style of websites. At the same time, the range top lights - which for the first time with LED technology - a feature also affects the flow lines.

This line was underscored by the mirrors, which is located on Belt Line, as they provide a better future for the page with their stems very narrow body color. Their sophisticated aerodynamics also helps keep your windows almost dust-free while providing a low level of wind noise.

back muscle

At the back of the eye is drawn to the integrated lip spoiler and rear large clusters. For the first time taillights with their strong horizontal design with LED technology all. Their upper edge extends onto the sides, resulting in the function line. A dual exhaust system with trapezoidal output complement the muscular impression.

quality materials and elegant sportiness

Despite the most compact dimensions in its class, the 2012 SLK generous interior dimensions. To do this, interior designers developed appointments, offering the driver and passengers the highest level of quality and precision. The interior is characterized by elegant sportiness and true high quality materials, made with perfect precision and craftsmanship. Standard brushed aluminum covers the center console, wood can be ordered optional high gloss burl walnut brown. Four round metal output integrated into the dash to emphasize that this model really belongs to the family Mercedes-Benz sports car, its shape is a nod to them in SLS AMG.

Echoing the exterior design, the dashboard highlights black horizontal lines and width of the vehicle. The round mark SLK generous side of a screen for the onboard computer. The color screen communications and entertainment features found on the center console and is easy to read by the driver and passenger.

A wheel ergonomic multi-function sport steering with a flat bottom and thick leather RIM excellence and the sporty character of the new SLK constant tactile experience. Contacts shift and metallic trim on the spokes add both sportiness and refinement. The interior can be further improved with the trim package that includes a wood-steering wheel and gear knob leather.

The curved lines in the dashboard continues in the upper door panels. The middle panel of the door is color coordinated with interior and door handles and seat adjustment switches are cut from aluminum or optional wood.

Sporty yet comfortable seating

Sport seats with adjustable ergonomic crash-responsive NECK-PRO head restraints integrated into the folders have side bolsters for lateral support and optimum comfort on long rides. Convenience and comfort are provided by the electrically adjustable seats with memory function and 4-way lumbar support.

Mercedes-Benz SLK350 offers a choice of Black, Sahara Beige Ash or solar reflective leather in both black and red leather Premium solar reflective Bengal, which significantly reduces heat buildup. The skin has a special coating that reflects the sun's rays and measurements have shown that it lowers the temperature of the places of more than 18 degrees Fahrenheit - a significant improvement in comfort when the car is parked in the sun.

As in the previous model, the neck-level heating system AIRSCARF is optional for the new SLK. This creates a flow of warm air around the neck and shoulders of the occupants of a vent on the front of each headrest.

beautiful lighting

An ambient lighting system available for the first time as a sports package option creates an impressive effect inside the new SLK. It consists of discrete optical fibers SOLAR RED, which produce a pleasant and spectacular lighting door panels around the door and pulled the two sides of the center console. This improves the mood of ambient lighting is activated when the doors are open ("Welcome Home" effect), and its intensity can be modified individually by a regulator.

Central interior lights are above the control panel and includes two interior lights and center console in the spotlight. In addition, an LED located in each pillar for added interior lighting for entry and exit.

concept of intelligent storage compartment

The new SLK offers a variety of storage options to provide the exemplary versatility and utility in day to day. The glove box has been expanded by 26% over the previous model. In addition, the lid of the glove includes useful features such as pen, credit cards and coins.

There are three storage compartments in the center console - under the command of the air conditioning, cup holders next to the COMAND controller on the center console armrest with a 12 V, USB port and connecting to (possibly an interface of media for the integration of an iPod is available under the Premium 1 package). A network attached to the tunnel at the foot of the passenger has a flexible bottle holder that can safely accommodate another 50 fl. bottles ounce.

excellent weather

The new SLK is equipped with a sensor in the windshield anti-fog mirror to record the temperature of the glass and the level of humidity inside the new SLK. Dry weather, when it is not necessary to cool down, but the A / C works, the power to control the compressor, but it is immediately activated when it detects that the windshield is fogging. This has two advantages:

A / C function can remain active all the time, but we need based on the system saves energy.

As the air cools and airless demoisturized more than necessary to maintain the indoor temperature, air is never too dry to avoid harming the occupants.

Innovative technology with a unique roof

Driving the roadster is a very emotional experience, evoking images of cruising through the countryside with the sounds and smells of nature, from top to bottom and the sun was shining. Wet weather has little effect because the SLK still has a retractable hardtop, which transforms the roadster coupe with fixed roof with one touch of a button. Mercedes-Benz engineers have constantly refined the pioneering hardtop SLK and sober in this technology.

Unique features: Magic Sky CONTROL

For the first time Mercedes-Benz offers a choice of three variants of the lightweight construction of a retractable hardtop for the new SLK

The standard roof is painted body color.

Are available with a panoramic glass roof option dark tinted.

The third option is a world first - the Magic Sky sunroof with CONTROL. This glass ceiling is transparent to light or darkness at the touch of a button. In light mode, it is virtually transparent, providing an outdoor experience, even in cold weather. In the dark state of the roof provides welcome shade and keeps the heat inside the sun. In other words, a comfortable environment with the touch of a button.

operating system principle is based on the physics of a capacitor: If the glass structure exposed to an electric voltage, the particles in the structure positioned so that light is able to pass through the glass. If the voltage is still off, but the position of the particles themselves at random. This partially blocks the light and the glass is still dark. The controller and converter are integrated into the front of the roof and the switch is in control of the standard console.

UV and infrared light is effectively blocked in transparent mode, while isolating it increases even more pronounced and noticeable in dark mode, which will help keep the temperature inside the armrest costs by up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit compared to conventional tinted glass.

Measurements using a device called a pyranometer star Death Valley, one of the best places in the world have demonstrated the dramatic effect. This device measures the intensity of sun exposure. With an open roof, the solar heat load in the heat of Death Valley has come from 1000 to 1100 watts per square meter. With the transparent glass roof, which fell to 200 W, and the roof was changed to Magic CONTROL dark sky, fell from 40 to 50 W - 20 of original value and the lower bulb to 60 watts.

Since the innovative glass also protects against the sun's rays much more efficient than conventional heat insulating glass, awnings, also residents of the new SLK enjoy the highest degree of comfort warming. When driving with the roof open is uncomfortable because of the intense heat, driver and front passenger are able to relax for the roof Magic Sky CONTROL - an important contribution to passenger comfort and driver safety Fitness typical of a Mercedes. Even when a car parked inside does not overheat when the roof is changed to dark when the ignition is off.

Passenger Control Magic Sky no benefits, but also the environment as part of the tension is removed from the air conditioning system, saving on CO2 emissions.

In addition, the framework for the three variants taken now magnesium. This makes all the roofs around £ 13. lighter than the previous model, which gives the car a lower center of gravity.

Engineers have refined the operating mechanism for the roof and tailgate. It now takes less than 20 seconds to open or close the roof completely. The improved mechanism also allows a larger boot capacity.

Trunk completely suitable for everyday use

The boot capacity with the closed retractable hardtop is 10.1 cubic feet. A golf bag or suitcase is also no problem.

When the roof was open was reduced to 6.4 cubic meters, enough space for two bags sports such as tennis equipment.

To avoid colliding with luggage roof elements is a canvas cover in the trunk that can be rotated longitudinally. The roof can be opened only if the cover is swung back, and when the roof is closed, the lid can easily roll forward of the hand for easy loading and unloading, and makes the trunk full capacity available.

structural aluminum parts of the body

The body structure has already shown great success in the previous model, and have been optimized even more weight for the new SLK. Therefore, hood and fenders are made of aluminum for the first time, and dash-cons and members of the module rear wall is made of plastic reinforced with fibers. The torsional rigidity of the steel structure was further optimized slight improvement through the intelligent use of lightweight construction methods, reducing body weight about 29 pounds.

The doors are brand new, with the strengthening of the beltline and the lower edge. A section of high tensile steel provides excellent protection against lateral impact. The well tested in the columns with steel oval tubing heat sealed ultra-high strength and a strong hand shall remain unchanged nodular.

To keep costs to repair the mast front had a cutoff point for compensation specified in section, and its shape makes them bend the front of this area in case of collision.

Examples of aerodynamics

In addition to features such as a lip spoiler on the top edge of the tailgate, wheel spoilers front wheels and the engine compartment and underbody coating full of mirrors and redesigned changes carefully coating A pillar, have contributed to the excellent drag coefficient.

Finish Pillar is a good example of meticulous development. It took more than a year to develop a plastic lid, which combines a rigorous design requirements for proper operation. The result is a pillar of the thin edge of the lid and the upper drainage channel. This ensures very close to the air flow and thus significantly reduce the air resistance, sketches, aeroacoustics and contamination, exterior mirrors and side windows.

Airguide: New system WindStop

A pleasant alternative to the conventional wind jam is the new swing Airguide which were invented by engineers at Mercedes-Benz aerodynamics. It consists of rotating transparent plastic shields attached to the roll bars. This stops the planet first wind, allowing different comfort levels to be chosen by the two residents. Driver and passenger can individually rotate units in the middle of the vehicle for a while and tame without turbulent airflow efforts installation or removal.

Modern technology and LED headlights, daytime running lights

Mercedes-Benz SLK350 is equipped with horizontally arranged LED daytime running lights with four LED. The new SLK can be equipped with an optional light kit that provides active cornering light function.

The force includes intuitive projector headlight range control, which automatically adjusts the angle of the beam changing posture - for example pitching during braking and acceleration - or to adapt to changes in loading vehicle.

wide tail lamps and a new SLK is a full-LED technology for the first time. This error does not only guarantee to plan the night, but also allows the LED light in varying degrees in some areas of the cluster taillights, depending on the illumination function. LED technology has other advantages over traditional light bulbs in about 0.15 seconds faster and last much longer life.

Sports and eco-efficiency

2012 SLK350 is powered by a new direct-injection V6 developing 302 hp/273 lb-ft. pair of 3498 cm-cm cubic transition using this power to accelerate to 5.4 (est.) 0-60 mph in seconds (top speed 155 km / h). Its fuel consumption is estimated at 20 city/29 hwy mpg with the third generation of direct injection, piezo injectors and a multi-spark.

Starting after model year, SLK250 is for sale and turbocharged four-cylinder direct-injection cylinder develops 201 hp/229 lb-ft of torque 1,796 cc. SLK250 is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission and consumes about 23 mpg city/31 Hwy From a standstill, it reaches 60 km / h in 6.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 155 mph.

The new V6 engine with an innovative technology

The six-cylinder engine is part of the new family of efficient V6 engine with direct injection. BlueDIRECT known, this innovation makes the V-engine Mercedes-Benz as benchmarks in the world and makes a further reduction of fuel consumption by 20 percent through engine modifications alone.

The V-angle of the new V6 engine of only 60 degrees. This allows the primary balance shaft vibration should be omitted. Consequently, the driver notices a high level of comfort. The crankcase, pistons and cylinder heads are aluminum V6, while the crankshaft, connecting rods and valves in forged.

Technology in the new generation engine includes a number of innovations that are unique in combination:

Piezo injectors Multi-sampling and the third generation of the spray-guided direct injection, which provide greater fuel economy in a homogeneous combustion process, with a map feature increased dramatically and the techniques of lean fuel.

auxiliary power consumption has decreased. These are optimized second-generation thermal management pump, oil pump controlled by the application, the volume control of high pressure fuel pump and a generator of an intelligent management system.

lightweight construction techniques and detailed improvements have also significantly reduced engine friction compared with the previous engine.

The third generation direct injection system

gasoline direct injection spray-guided (which Mercedes-Benz was the first manufacturer to introduce the series) is now in its third generation. The system pressure up to 2901 psi and constantly optimize engine performance. The new piezo injectors allow up to five injections for each intake stroke, the formation of alloys.

The piezoceramic crystal structure changes in microseconds in an electric voltage and the precision of a few thousandths of a millimeter. The central element of a piezoelectric injector is the piezo-stack, which directly controls the administration needle. With a response time of 0.1 milliseconds, the fuel injection can be highly sensitive and specific method for the current load and engine speed, with a beneficial effect on emissions, fuel consumption and combustion noise.

The V6 engine, the multiple injections, even in small quantities because of the potential piezoelectric injection technology used by Mercedes-Benz engineers to manage larger, useful for efficient burning of lean operations.