Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2012 Morgan 3 Wheeler Review

When was the last on a road trip as an adventure? Morgan 3 wheeler was launched to bring the fun and passion back for the transportation of personnel. Lift the latch up the "bomb release" Choke, double tap to hear Mass and choose your favorite destination.

Legendary design of the Morgan Three Wheeler has been updated to the 21st century technology. Powertrain is a V-twin engine, combined with the Mazda 5-speed (and vice versa) gearbox. This provides a smooth "to get and go" convenient excitation of high performance. The car is a fusion of old and new.

Security is fundamental tubular reinforced frame and dual driver and passenger roll bar. Sturdy belt offers the traction of the rear wheel. Some things have not changed. Morgan Three Wheeler is still a long way to keep records for a one-liter car set in 1930, so why change the format? Delivered in the form of bullets and are exposed to an aluminum frame and basin profile of the aircraft involved in the sides of a car. The format is a sweet but powerful missile, in front of the Beetle to drive back to his corner. From the standpoint of design, the focus was set to make a car near the plane as possible, while maintaining the space more useful for driver, passenger and bag behind. But, above all, Morgan 3 Wheeler has been designed for one purpose, for the pleasure of driving. Leather upholstered cabin full board instrumentation increases the feeling of crossing the street.

The car is easy to manage with compact dimensions, offers a perfect view in front and behind. The car seems to react as thought as physical input.

The dynamic is reinforced by what the design team called a Morgan sports "Sunday's race" design philosophy. lines of the car does not end abruptly, but instead flow organically and the echo forms a smooth race track. The sleek profile makes the car look sleeker and smaller. The sculpted hood and start feeling better aerodynamics, and short front and rear overhang emphasize sports sense of purpose.


Morgan chassis experts worked on the driving experience of the new Morgan 3 Wheeler with the same passion attention to the development of any new Morgan. The result is a car driver with the characteristics that make a full Court sporty appearance. The engine weight is offset by the weight of passengers and the car collided with a sense of a very low center of gravity to ensure it sticks to the road. During the development process, the team has worked on the chassis of the new Morgan Wheeler 3 in parallel with the next Morgan EvaGT. The result is a solution that involves changes and improvements in almost every detail that affects the ability of a car when cornering.


The first generation, the new Morgan 3 Wheeler is available in the V-twin engine manufacturer specializing in S & S. Car has received U.S. and European authorities for road safety and emissions. When the economic engine produces 115 hp Maximum speed lower. Pair of Big Easy spells hillclimbing ability. The current concentration of Morgan Motor Company to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption is behind the launch of this car. Now is the time for Morgan to take a new look is a combination of acceleration, road performance and economy. Now is the time to revive Morgan 3 Wheeler.

Custom Goodies

custom paint and leather are available at an additional cost, as a classic Morgan. Motor polished stainless steel exhaust pipes, windshield, hood polished, headlights, wheels roll and are also additional costs for options for a more classic.

Exciting graphics packages to congratulate race Sports' Sunday, "Philosophy

Stickers are high quality and ready to give the owner the ability to add athletic attitude of the new Morgan 3 Wheeler. These models also include the U.S. Army and Air Force British inspired logos, oval, racing numbers and stripes, a scary shark nose, the winner's plaid hood, official national flags and wings Morgan.

Price: € 25 000 (before tax)