Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2010 Alfa Romeo 159 1750 TBi

The 2009 Geneva Motor Show, Alfa Romeo has introduced a number of important changes in the planned relaunch of the brand on the world stage. The main character is a new event in the Alfa Romeo 159 (sedan and Sportwagon). The new 159 is designed to give the sport more appealing personality, and offers maintenance and performance that sets new standards in this vehicle class. Two new engines, in particular, (200 hp, 1750 cc diesel turbo and 170 bhp 2.0 JTDM diesel) Alfa Romeo 159 in place firmly in the K-intensive segment of the market area which is more than half the sales of Alfa Romeo.

In their fascinating and highly personal exterior, all Alfa Romeo offers a large selection of engines, all packed with the latest technology and burst performance. Alfa Romeo engines are the perfect embodiment of a sporting soul that has always set the brand apart from the competition. Alfa Romeo 159 is certainly no exception. From April 2009, the new 159 will be available with a brand new engine: an engine of 1750 cc turbocharged gasoline that meets Euro 5 standards and develops 200 hp between 4750 and 5500 rpm with 320 Nm at just 1400 rpm.

The new engine of 1,750 cc turbo petrol (produced by FPT - Fiat Powertrain Technologies) is combined with a six-speed manual transmission and has lighting control solutions, including direct fuel injection, variable two units of the continuous calibration a turbocharger and an analysis of the revolutionary control system. The resulting performance is comparable to - or better than - that of many 3-liter engine, while offering the fuel consumption of a typical four-cylinder compact.

The force behind the development of an Alfa Romeo engine is the determination of the company to use technology to enhance the pleasure of driving. This certainly applies to the development of the new Euro 5, "1750 Turbo Benzina 200 CV", the unit immediately to the Alfa Romeo 159 and later for the Alfa Romeo Brera, Spider and 159 Sportwagon.

This engine takes the Alfa Romeo 159, a sophisticated Italian style and elegance of a typical sports an impressive top speed of 235 mph and accelerates from 0-100 km's per hour just 7.7 seconds. 200 hp Alfa Romeo 159 1750 TBi is therefore a true representative of the unique lifestyle motoring Alpha. Far from being a mere "means of transport", the new 159 is a real car driver. It produces a real acceleration through sport and muscular with a smooth response and generous torque at low engine speeds and extended range of modern power, advanced gasoline engine that minimizes your need for change "work." Engine sound is never too excited to become boring.