Sunday, July 24, 2011

2011 Hamann Guardian Review

Nothing is impossible - Hamann adheres to the motto presenting much of the program, the current Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Since 1986, the company is located in Laupheim developing products refined sports car. Hamann engineers use their knowledge to hundreds of successful motor sports competitions. Experience there is a basis for the breeding program Hamann. This leads to a strong improvement in performance, the aerodynamic components to reduce the forces of uplifting and corporate sport braking system. Hit XXL aluminum rims and precious interior modifications made of aluminum and coal continues to expand its product range.

Haute couture Porsche SUVs

With its new designer turns keeping guard Hamann in a striking eye-catcher for the pleasure of driving and off road. Production pieces and perfect surfaces emphasize the quality of the Hamann aerodynamic kit. The much larger front bumper with larger air intakes are the most important forward momentum.

Built clarity and light full LED headlights and fog beam technology to increase passive safety. An ultralight carbon hood with "power dome" optimal ventilation slot makes the engine before. Hamann The mentor takes his manhood with side skirts side extensions that extend the car an impressive 120 mm on the front axle and 160 millimeters in the rear.