Friday, July 22, 2011

2011 Lexus CT 200h

CT 200h Lexus marks the introduction of the first and only full hybrid vehicle's premium segment of the compact nucleus.

Lexus' first compact five-door car, the Lexus 200h hybrid sedan CT technology, a new gateway for the Lexus. Summary presents only the company of quality, sophistication and high technology to the level of premium compact segment for the first time, and leads a group of younger customers is the brand.

Specially designed and developed for the European market, the size of emissions the new Lexus 200h CT, packaging, full-hybrid technology and ultra-low well to meet a young, very demanding customers environmentallyconscientious. Still, it offers a compromise on refinement and driving pleasure that the hallmark of a progressive nature, which is a luxury Lexus.

Silent revolution, a new CT 200h is a summary of five key features that provide customers with a Lexus unprecedented experience in the premium compact cars: the Lexus Hybrid Drive, and its tailor-made for the Energy Management System, a unique driving characteristics , dynamic style and elegant, of course ultimate realization of the "Lexus L-finesse design philosophy, Lexus build quality unmatched 'and attention to detail and customer service reputation, which is located in the middle of the Lexus ownership experience.

System CT 200h Lexus Hybrid Drive is developed in accordance with an extremely rigorous standards of development. These standards cover more than 500 unique objects that set strict rules to highlight all aspects of dynamic and environmental performance of new hybrid full to unprecedented levels.