Sunday, July 17, 2011

2011 Renault Frendzy Concept

Ahead 64 Frankfurt Motor Show, Renault is pleased to reveal the details of the concept car Frendzy.

After the concept of "love at first sight," expressed by dezir discover the world with the capture and the establishment of a family with the R-space, this Frendzy the world of work. This is the fourth stage of the Renault design strategy based on the different stages of human life.

The latest concept car that was headed by Laurens van den Acker is the perfect vehicle of many talents. As a commercial vehicle business that can double as a comfortable tourism that meets the needs of business users on the one hand and those of other families.

An office full of wheels with the introduction of the new tablet BlackBerry playbook, the language of the Renault electric Frendzy showcase new design.

Laurens van den Acker, vice president of design at Renault "Frendzy is the fourth vehicle to illustrate the new design strategy for Renault, a series that began with a position taken dezir Frendzy original and innovative in the world of light trucks - a key. The Renault activities. "

The exterior designer, Deyan Denkova: "The concept of asymmetric body design was the most logical to express two features of this vehicle from the beginning, I wanted to get away from the traditional format for commercial vehicles and in so doing, show. That such vehicles may be more emotional, more dynamic and attractive. I was inspired by a variety of sources, including non-conventional aircraft like the Airbus Beluga form and Antonov 224. "

Weekdays Frendzy Renault Concept is a vehicle that fits the needs of business users, where a large external display, which can display useful messages or information (such as "delivery" or "back in five minutes," charging method or the rest charge), or promotional messages, even if parked or moving. Come the weekend, the car turns into a family car, comfortable seats, and behind the large sofa. Depending on their mood at the time that children can watch movies or play games on a touch pad that slides off the back of the seat. They can also benefit from an integrated system of sliding off the table.

The pilot and the vehicle can be adapted to your needs. In the "work", mirrors and lighting to sit inside is round "family" green mode rotating mirror to the horizontal position and the interior is bathed in a warm glowing orange. Colored lights in the headlights and taillights repeater to provide an indication of how external Frendzy is running.

Frendzy with Renault - such as the European light commercial vehicles ", the market leader in 13 years - is once again the opportunity to present practices, modularity and versatility of a proven Kangoo, Master of Transport and streets today .