Sunday, July 17, 2011

2011 Renault Latitude Review

Renault Latitude is a lot of large sedan. A well-balanced proportions and elegant lines show exceptional comfort and welfare of passengers can expect on board. This promise was confirmed by the high surface quality and sophistication of the cabin, as well as the interior of carefully selected materials, and passenger-friendly layout.

Renault Latitude is a new addition to the Renault range. This is a large hall with a length of 4,897 mm, width 1832 mm, height 1,483 mm, wheelbase of 2762 mm, and front and rear overhangs are 1035 mm and 1100 mm.

In front, bi-xenon headlights turns playing both sides of the chrome grille models incomparable help of cold water. The lines of these lights extend to the rear via a belt that sweeps across the body and the principle of producing a special elegant. The sculpted wheel arches and long bonnet accentuates the condition of high-end model.

Modern styling details include the signature of backlight that uses a combination of LED and conventional technologies.

Electric panoramic glass sunroof offers a lighted house, but the glossy black smooth extended windshield, rear window. Latitude Renault style is still argued that a smart chrome arch that frames the side windows.


As the doors open, the board is in the center color TFT (Thin Film Transistor) is converted slowly to accommodate the driver on board. Then, when the engine is running, LED backlit instruments and comes to life as radicals on both needle and scale indicators appear.

Spacious and well equipped cabin car sold in Europe are equipped with a special dash of high quality luxury materials. The curved lines of the upper structure, Dash blends harmoniously with the shape of a vertical center console wide. The controls for the driver assistance, and has a comfortable ride fall easily to hand, and both are grouped around the steering wheel or console.

The same attention paid to the quality and finish of the rest of the interior. Depending on the version, the car comes with a series of castings by melting snow and chrome accents, such as door handles and knob shifter, and a choice of light or leather dark. The same care has been devoted to the same platform in order to get separate rooms for different levels of equipment, allowing customers to choose between an elegant interior is light in color, with its emphasis on the welfare of the occupants or dark cutting.