Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2012 Nissan Qashqai Review

In line with its strategy of Pure Drive, Nissan continues to innovate to improve the performance of CO2 and fuel economy to generate profits without real commitment to consumers. As part of this strategy of Nissan launches a pure version of the new hardcover for sale Nissan Qashqai equipped with a new state of the art 1.6 dCi.

The new engine is a perfect example of the strategy of Nissan Pure Drive, replacing the previous 2.0 dCi with a more efficient engine that provides not only a reduction of emissions and significantly improved levels of fuel economy, but provides the same level performance of the more powerful engine.

Best of all, when combined with Nissan Stop / Start CO2 system machine just 119 g / km.
Along with this new innovative options available in Nissan Qashqai range, including a new CVT gearbox for the first time on a C-segment car, Around View Monitor. AVM uses a series of small cameras placed outside the vehicle to make parking maneuvers as safe as possible by giving the driver a helicopter view real-time environment around the car.

Nissan's move underscores the growing line of crossovers on the market and maintaining the Nissan Qashqai for one or even two, steps to the opposition.

"When Qashqai was launched in 2007, quickly re-wrote the rule book in the C segment, offering innovation and the capacity in a market previously conservative. The combination of SUV looks and tenacity in driving dynamics, a strong performance and plenty of interior space has captured the imagination of the public to buy cars. "